My tree just sprouted a ton of

My tree just sprouted a ton of seed pods! So happy to see it.

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Thats incredible!!!!! Congrats man!!!! Def keep us updated. Would love to see how they develop. Is this the first time the tree has flowered?

Congratulations. Your one of less than a dozen people I know that have pulled this off state side, especially at that scale! Opportunity for us to maybe do some cross fertilizing here!

What strain of kratom? 

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thats great. Most growers have to wait for a while before theirs get to maturity.  Keep us posted on the pods and seedlings too.

@guywithtrees its the first flowering.  Its really getting large / wide and thick too.  

@peteypyro Will do, its really getting large for 2 years. It seems like it flowered over night..  

@Peter-Joseph Totally bro! you can tell from that photo its really getting big! Super stoked to see how it develops. 

@will Thats really cool to know.  It really flowered up a lot this week im always gave to try something new.

@Peter-Joseph Is it flowering in specific spots or the whole tree? I find that our trees that flowers it is not the entire 20+ ft but in really specific spots. Although I noticed this year one of the pink veins are flowering on this new growth the tree has had for past 2 years that haven't flowered. It normally flowers on the west side of the tree and then continues about half way up. then it is the entire top of the tree. 

@guywithtrees  It seems like its all over the tree now, I added some more pictures, but there are 2 areas it seems really packed with flowers.   

Interesting. Surprised that your pods have already started to pop out a bit. Ours have not yet but that might be because of the heat wave that has been coming thru. All of our pods are in the first few stages of development. 

most excellent congratulations on a seed pod