Tropical weather for rain fore

Tropical weather for rain forest types.

 they're lovin' it.

Hardly looks REAL!  The colors are so dramatic and intense!  Magnificent 

@will said:

<p>what a spot you have there!</p>

  What a spot that the Kratom trees have is more like it. I'm just the blessed gardener, and temporary caregiver at that. The trees can live 100 years more,  and generations can benefit from these trees that I only plant. I tell myself this for every fruit and nut tree that I plant. I only hope that the knowledge of these medicine plants is not lost in future generations. 

 btw this lemon tree was planted 6 years ago from a 3 gallon pot. It will bring lemons to tea time for decades to come.        ~~ This land is blessed ~~

@Laurie Twas a stormy day. Apocalyptic clouds approaching. Yeah, had to take the shot. Was a pretty day.

@Laurie I found buttons on my phone that can do unnatural edits though...

                     ~Martian Kratom~   

                     ~Venusian Kratom ~