planted some trees little too

planted some trees little too close together now I need to move them around. Are about 4 ft tall been in the ground probably a good six months. any tips or tricks to having a more successful relocation? Or would you leave them there

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I would consider moving ONE of them, maybe 12 foot spacing would yield happier trees in 10 years. I'd prune it heavily, making lots of clones, to reduce the stress on it being uprooted. If it gets much bigger, then just live with it there, feeding heavily as usual. My 2 cents worth.

My one year old is over 12’ at the widest. I would say either move one, or prune heavy and keep as bushes. 

Here’s a link with some general rules for moving a tree.

I also suggest proper social distances!  

Hey roadkill did you move any of the trees?

not yet I was just out there looking at them again. I need to get off my ass cuz they're growing like crazy