we are told that the alkaloid

we are told that the alkaloid production in Kratom plants is a self-defense mechanism keep the plant from being eaten by bugs. First off I'm not sure how anyone would really know that be the case. But let's assume that is true. I have also read that based on that theory harvesting Leafs off the plant cause the plant produce more alkaloids as a self-defense reaction.

If all that is true then by Theory, going along and cutting the leaves in half would increase alkaloid production because the plant is under attack. Maybe not even in half, maybe only cutting off 20%.


There was a study done a few years back that showed plants increase their defenses in response to the vibration caused by insects chewing on leaves. Maybe try slowly chewing instead of cutting them lol. 


"Plants have many ways to detect insect attack, but feeding vibrations are likely the fastest way for distant parts of the plant to perceive the attack and begin to increase their defenses," Cocroft said.

This could be the start of a really interesting discussion. I periodically do a deep dive (ok, more like a 30 minute google search after a having a glass of rye and some especially good kratom) into how to increase alkaloid production. I’ve seen claims involving certain amino acids, and using high nitrogen low phosphorus fertilizers.  Also seen studies showing drought conditions may increase alkaloids, or that extremely wet condition dilute them.

Thanks for starting this @roadkill, looking forward to seeing other responses. 

I've read that the wind helps develop as well, that goes along with the vibrations theory. 


Vibration theory? I have to look into that. What's your thoughts on it?

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<p>@brianzass</p><p></p><p>Vibration theory? I have to look into that. What's your thoughts on it?</p>

  I seriously heard of trees being beat with baseball bats, on the trunks. Stims alkas,