It’s time to repot my West Kal

It’s time to repot my West Kali seedlings so I took a trip to my local hydro store to pick up some soil and fabric pots. If you’ve never been to one, I recommend finding one close to you and checking it out. Maybe it’s just me, but I love checking out cultivation products.

While I was there I looked at their mycorrhizae products. I’d recently seen a couple kratom growers on another site recommending them and their plants were looking great. 

The gentleman at the store recommended trying a brand named Recharge. 

What peaked my interest was that it also contained fulvic and humic acids, and amino acids. I saw a post on Reddit recently about using fulvic and humic acids to force plants to create horned leaves. Have also read that some amino acids can increase alkaloid production. I also liked that it can be used when watering. Most other brands are used when transplanting only. 

If you’re not familiar with mycorrhizae they’re fungi that work with a plants roots to make nutrients more available. They also help to protect plants from drought and other stresses.

Here are a couple links with more info.

I gave all my clones away except one, so I can’t do any tests at the moment to see if it makes a difference, but there seems to be way more upside than downside to giving it a try.

I’ll keep you posted. 

never heard that about the horned leaf. Did that come from greenhoused or miami? do you have a link? 

I think it was the miamibotany guys. I’ll look for the link. 

so cool!  Another valuable lesson, and with references!  Thank you, @pete2000

excellent, great information. Now I have something else to look into


I don’t see the link anymore, it was a post on KratomGarden that linked to another post. 99% sure it was miamibotany. They didn’t give much info, something about finding that a very specific mix of the two acids caused plants to grow horns. But of course they didn’t give any details.