To plant or not to plant? I ha

To plant or not to plant? I have over 20 plants that are about 3 ft tall in pots that I would like to plant. But, it's kind of late in the season to do that. Hell I have 20 + freshly rooted cuttings I need to put into pots. I should have better planned ahead. I am in zone 9B so generally I should be okay but temperatures have gotten down into the high twenties here.

I think it would be ok to plant them. It's still a bit early in the Fall season. 

If you’re worried about the cold they'll have a better chance in the ground. Some growers dig holes and put the container in the ground to protect the plant.

I can’t imagine having that many plants. I just picked up some tree fertilizer, sulfur, and manure for my tree.  Will likely need to buy these every few months along with a few other amendments and nutes. I’m  beginning to think I’ll end up spending more on a single tree than I would on high quality leaf over the course of a year. 

Maybe plant some,  and keep some mobile. get  prepped for the winter. Get 20 bedsheets and 20 old school light bulbs to keep them warm on frosty nights?  They are hardier than we know. 

 25 inch heavy duty planter coasters,  with the 6 ball bearing casters saturated with garage door spray grease,  to help them roll for longer before rusting.  6 Holes are drilled to allow drainage from fabric bags. they can be easily rolled into the greenhouse if conditions dictate. 

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I'd plant but I have a backlog myself. Easier to tell you to plant!

Also experiencing some sort of nutrient lockout. But I'll save that one for another thread. 

They look great btw! 


This deserves its own thread. Fantastic 

@roadkill great looking plants,  an embarrassment of riches 🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲  Expensive kids to feed 🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲