Question: What happens if I 't

Question: What happens if I 'top' my kratom plant short?

 Answer:  You'll possibly get a double trunked bushy kratom.... and during the summer, it will even have lots of leaves too! a nice thick bush. Easier for me to pick leaves from 😀

@will. 🌲 Better than bonsai 🌲


I'm an advocate of topping and pruning and getting it to Bush out. I've topped them once I even got them rooted and put them into the pot for the first time and they Branch out. Mine have already take some good freeze hits so come this spring I'm going to prune the crap out of all of mine and I guarantee you they will come back like mad

Do you hurry and chew up the stuff you cut off?! 👀😮

sometimes, sometimes I dry it out and sometimes I just leave it lay. I get lazy that way sometimes

How old is your Kratom bush