This morning I chewed one leaf

This morning I chewed one leaf and smothered it in honey. It was very bitter but the honey helped. I deveined the leaf and I spit out the paste. Pain level was around a 8

After ten minutes I noticed a bit of pain relief. My ability to stand up and move around improved. There was no high or buzz. It was a mild relief from pain. Pain level was around a 5.

After thirty minutes there was a definite improvement over the pain. It was like night and day. However I never experienced any stimulant feeling. I didn't have any extra energy. Pain level was 3.

After an hour, there was still an improvement in pain relief, but certain parts of my body had a reduced pain. My hands and feet still had pain, but it was reduced. Pain was 2.

Overall I'm happy with the results from one leaf. I will maintain this for the next few hours to see how long the relief continues from the one leaf.

I would describe the changes in my pain as a definite improvement.

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That’s fantastic one leaf gives you so much relief. 

Please resist the temptation to try more and more, it can actually lead to tolerance issues and ultimately less relief. Sticking with the lowest amount that works is the best way to continue to reap the benefits.  

So I had a strange experience this morning. Normally I wake up early. It doesn't matter what time I go to bed. 10pm is usually best because I always wake up at 5 or 5:30am and then go back to sleep around 8am for what I call a second sleep. Usually only about 30-45 minutes. Then I have to get back up because I'm unable to get in to that deep sleep/REM.

This morning, I laid back down and slept for over 2 hours, more like 2 1/2 hours. 

I was in a really deep sleep and woke up because the sun started to break through the cracks of my black out blind. I would have continued sleeping if it weren't for the phone ringing.

I was completely recharged, I don't normally get this sort of extra deep sleep. I'm usually sleepy during the day because I never get to fully experience a good night sleep.

The pain is still the same level, around a 3. I am experiencing some minor pain walking up the stairs, but for one leaf I'm amazed at the positive experience.

I have read about the tolerance issues. So I'm staying with lower doses.

I am getting ready to leave my house, so I chewed two leaves using the same method. The one leaf was holding me for nearly three and a half hours.

There is a definite difference with two leaves compared to the single leaf.

There is no high, no euphoria, but the pain is definitely gone. If my pain is usually an 8, I'm at a 0 now. I can climb the stairs and get up and down with zero pain.

I can feel the stiffness in my body, but that's OK for me. 

I'm so happy to find that it worked for you! 

If your curious this was one of the trees your leaf came from. 

The rest of the day was pretty good. I believe the pain relief lasted until around 3:30 or 4. I started to feel the pain return right before I left work.

@guywithtrees said:

<p>I'm so happy to find that it worked for you! </p>

 I wish there was a time release for this medicine. I think that would provide a better, steady control of the level of relief. It seems difficult to control the level of the healing because when you chew you are getting everything all at once.

@patrickc I can understand that. But that's part of the difference between pharmaceuticals and naturally grown.

@guywithtrees said:

<p>@patrickc I can understand that. But that's part of the difference between pharmaceuticals and naturally grown.</p>

 I know. Just wishful thinking.

I’m enjoying a liquid tea product made from leaf, not extract.  By sipping instead of gulping, there is a constant level of improvement  as you’re describing.  

I haven't tried the tea yet.

I'm putting my leaves in the crisper of the frig to keep them longer.