hi folks I just received three rooted cuttings. Is there any reference info I can use to get these to grow healthy? I’m in south Florida.


Welcome @UserName!

You came to the right place, lots of knowledgeable members here. 

When growing in a container, especially when they’re smaller, I’ve had success using fabric pots, good quality soil, and liquid fertilizers that contain primary, secondary, and micro nutrients.  

Adjusting the pH of water and nutrients to around 5.5 to 6 is also important. Plants prefer a more acidic environment and that pH range is ideal for nutrient uptake. 

A sunny location is good but they do enjoy a little shade, especially on hot days.

I like Fox Farms Ocean Forest for soil and their Grow Big and Big Bloom for nutrients. Really any products that cannabis growers use when the plant is in the vegetative phase should work well. Amazon sells the General Hydroponics pH kit with everything you need to adjust pH.

Do be careful with quality soils, they generally have enough nutrients to last a few weeks and can burn a plant if extra nutrients are added to early. As far as nutrients, best to start low and work your way up depending on how the plant responds.

I’m in north Broward. Nice to see a fellow south Floridian here.

Hers the cutting I received in July 2019

And this is her now

South Florida’s a great place to grow Kratom.

@UserName Greetings from north Florida.  What he said is great. Yes, they grow fast in the warmer months.... and since we're showing pix of the kids.... 

    🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲a year ago🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲 

                          ...and now... yup,  that's just ONE of them,  all settled in the ground....very well fed too. Browse through the posts here from the last year... lots of info on growing clones from cuttings too....            ....enjoy the journey too.

Thanks everyone for the info! I need to head to Home Depot tonight to get some supplies! I had really bad luck the last time and the plants didn't root. These ones look good though! I'll keep you folks posted!

allrighty, cross your fingers! I had rooting powder already. (The cuttings didn’t have roots) I used miracle grow performance organics soil. I hope it’ll work