I realized last night that Kra

I realized last night that Kratom doesn't cure everything with pain. I was at home when my daughter was playing piano. I have difficulty staying near the room when she is playing unless I'm wearing special noise blocking headphones.

I usually leave and did so last night because it was causing a headache. It was then I realized, (lol), that Kratom doesn't help with tinnitus.

lol yah kratom can not do anything for pianos. 

a good dusting on the hammers and strings might do it with a nice fine powder. 

I ❤ The Bose 35 series of noise canceling headphones.  I wear them around the wifey all the time. Never been quieter around here. 😝

I have a set of ear protection I found at my house after the tree vendor left. It was a set of these 3M PELTOR Optime 105 Earmuffs H10A

They cancel nearly everything out. The one side effect is that when I get nearly complete silence, the ringing in my ears is nearly deafening.

What I need is ear muffs that cancel out the ringing also

men always have these noise canceling apparatuses but they are also almost all practically deaf already, particularly to the tone of the female voice.  LOL 

I have some sony mx-3000m or something. They are some of the best headphones I have ever used.