attention Florida Growers; ar

attention Florida Growers; are we done with freezes here? What do you think? I'm ready to start pruning up some trees big time

no idea. I think were thru it though. 

Been 80’s this week and pushing 90 next week in South Florida, I think we’re done dipping into the 30’s down here. 

I'm in Florida. What county are you in? I'm in Brevard.

Looks like some of the trees here are coming out or dormancy. Big tree is still sleeping and seeding 

@guywithtrees not yet. I want to buy a house and property first. We are with in months of doing this! We want at least an acre. I'm going to grow all medicinal herbs, bushes and trees. I can't wait. I've never been so excited. I make my own syrups and tincture. Like elderberry syrup and Hawthorne berry syrup. I also make soaps with herbs.

@Mia-Templeman Smart idea. They grow best when they are in the ground. Really lets them grow how they should. We have had ours in the ground for about 6 years now.