Check out the kratom seed pods

Check out the kratom seed pods up top. (USA Grown) How is your tree looking?

Wouldn't it be better to bonsai the tree to keep it from getting so tall? Instead cut it so it is more like a shrub?

@patrickc lmao yes it would. Idk when we're going to cut it back but I'm also excited to see where it goes. It is one of the largest trees in north america. 

I would be kind of curious as to how far the tree goes too.

@roadkill believe it or not but there are 4 shoots to the right of it that are a min of 10ft tall. I think if the tree fell over that huge hump would be replaced with the new shoots that are all vertical with no kinks. 

@patrickc agreed, that is my plan with trees 8 am growing


Thats where I'm at just now but it's become unwieldy. Have talked to folks about building a scaffolding to access the top of the trees. They creep up on ya as the years pass.