Just in case anyone wonders if soil and amendments really make a difference when growing.
I moved my Kratom plants into bigger containers a couple months ago and had enough leftover soil for one container, so I planted some extra lemon balm and chamomile plants. That’s the container on the right. The soil was Fox Farms Ocean Forest with extra perlite, worm castings, a little blood meal and a few tablespoons of Azomite.
I still had some extra plants so I put them into the container on the left. I just used some Kellog potting soil from Home Depot. Cheapest they had.
All plants were from the same seeds and started together in Jiffy peat pods. Planted in same size fabric containers at same time and getting same sun, water, and nutrients.
I don’t know if it’s really worth the extra cost just for herbs. But I’ll always pay a few buck more and use the good stuff for my Kratom plants.