Kratom Dragonfly

Me and the dragonflies are patiently waiting for my buds to start opening.

Hey Pete. I wonder how many mosquitos that guy gets his hands on tonight.

In ground or potted? And have you seen any bud development yet?


The dragonflies are all hanging out on my in-ground tree. There were dozens of them sitting on tips and flying around it yesterday. She finally started popping new growth. Hopefully she’ll be full of new leaves in another month or two.

My Kali’s and rifat clone have been growing like crazy. I already need to upsize their containers.

Wow. Feels like something is about to go right this year with all that growing.

Almost all my trees under 12ft are displaying heavy growth. I've even begun topping and heavily pruning the trees to attempt some large cuttings in an airoponics bucket.

My biggest girl is still pretty dormant but I've carried.over 40+ coconuts, mango tree stumps, and cutting up banana trees to make some potassium available.

Also started a compost bin right on the soil to start some on going soil amendmending.

Also had some really decent rain fall that broke up the drought and I'm starting to see some budding.

Great pics! Looks like you have some mature leaf to pick


Please let us know how the aeroponics bucket works out. A couple of the Kratom Cultivar guys on MeWe are using rooting balls when topping. Low tech, but seem to work well on other types of trees.

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@pete2000 I've seen these sold online. Do they work well? Have you tired them?

I haven’t tried them, but FusedFlora has been successfully using them on Japanese maple and Josh is trying it on one of his kali seedlings. He has some pics up on MeWe.

@pete2000 Spring, finally! Yours look very nice undefined buds are out here now...undefined and the angel trumpet flower bush is happy too...undefined dog included

@peteypyro that trumpet plant is incredible!

Good to see your Kratom plants are opening up. My container west kali ones started new growth around three months ago. My little container rifat was a month later. Didn’t see anything opening on my in ground one until a few weeks ago.

I ran a light out so I can keep an eye on her progress 24x7.


Dude that's awesome! Do you have an up camera on it too?