Processing Unrooted Kratom Cuttings

@peteypyrom omg right!!!! It is finally raining over here and I am stocking up on rain to start rooting hard. I need to open more water barrels though. 

@guywithtrees The pods are everywhere now, Indo, Viet, Thai, and Malay varieties 

  and now is the time for best cloning, with 3 new nodes and one old growth woody node.... perfect cuttings I find that the woody node helps root development better sometimes when fresh growth emerges

@peteypyro @will says the same thing about wooded cuttings for root development. He says the best cuttings are the wooded ones. That is awesome your getting seed pods!!!! how many of your trees are flowering?

@guywithtrees They're ALL budding nicely. Gonna try to hybridize some. 

@peteypyro nice pic! Its crazy how they grow. They look other worldly. 

@guywithtrees it's really amazing.  My first. 

 even the fig tree is fruiting. I'm looking forward to seeing yours flower.

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congrats @peteypyro 

By the way did you prefer old KWD with the social media style feed?

@will Yes. We all really appreciate your hard work making kwd what it is today. I'm a rather old involuntary luddite, but am learning all the time, and will prolly figure it out.  I really love being able to post photos of the ' kids ' tho...

 grankids too...

 and maybe lots of great grandkids one day....