Watering questions?

I have some 3 month old kratom cuttings.  I have a moisture  meter and 4 days after watering the top half is 4/10 moisture(fairly dry feeling) but the bottom half is still like 9 of 10.  Is it common to only need watering once a week if grown indoors under led?  Or do I go ahead and water and leave the bottom constantly  very wet? I don't want rot issues.

Pot has good drainage and mix is ocean forest with maybe 15 to 20 percent added perlite. 

Hey thanks for making it over. This is Walter from kratomleaf.us. Hopefully one of the guys here can help you :) 

@dallasboycows what size are the containers? If the plants are small relative to the container you can end up with damp soil outside of the root zone. 

I Just upsized three of mine from 15 to 25 gallons and they still need daily watering.