Was gonna rub some pods together to help pollinate, but i think I’ll let nature handle it.

@pete2000 I'm watching beetle pollination at night.  Beetles pollinate lots of flowers. 

@will said:

<p>Must smell awesome. </p>

When the air is calm the smell is crazy strong, and there are so many bees you can hear a constant buzzing.

Every branch is covered in pods this year. Hopefully I’ll get some fertilized ones. 

I think it’s a Ruddy Daggerwing. The spots on the back of the wings look like eyes and make it appear larger to help keep predators away. Evolution is amazing. 

Never gave this much thought before, but it’s likely this is the first time these pollinators have encountered Kratom flowers. 

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@pete2000 nice butterfly!  👍

 this guy is busy... like a bee

 and covered in pollen
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@pete2000 Awesome pollination 

 Q:  What does kratom honey do? 

 A:  It give the bees their morning 'buzz'. 

 and this has always bugged me...

 whats in it for the butterflies?

 and they're many of them... they know which ones are full of nectar & live pollen.

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@pete2000 neat how they love kratom,  a forbidden delicacy! 

 and I wonder how the honey tastes? Does it buzz the bees? Lol         😄a walk through the kratom rows.😄

This is what I look like when eating at a buffet.

This is going in the kratom bible. Great content!!! 

@guywithtrees caterpillars are here! they love the alkaloids in kratom for self defense 

 he got the leaves, red veins and all 😂

@peteypyro bigger than ever...

 hiding in plain view too...

@peteypyro  I am familiar with those.. Those spikes on its back will sting you.. Hurts for a while too.. I've seen them on my oak trees but never seen a Caterpillar on my kratom

@peteypyro here are well fertilized kratom 'fruits' that hold the seeds..  almost ripe 

 they're many pods too  the bees did their job well too...  and the new blossoms continue...

@peteypyro  HELL YES!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS EXactly what you want! See the brown inside the hole. Those are the seeds. They are still way to early to take but they are looking great. 

@guywithtrees  I think I am going to get my microscope and see if I can get some really good photographs of the seed pods... and the little ovaries with the seeds growing in them and everything... write down to razor-blade-dissected sections at various stages of maturing and ripening, and of that actual seed within that tiny little fruit... among many... on that coronavirus~looking... very scary kooking orb.

           🎃 Happy Halloween 🎃