Broken branch repair

My container trees have been tipping and I’m starting to get a lot of broken branches. Sometimes the break is near the branch tip which if fine since it will keep growing. But some branches end up splitting like this one. 

I hate to lose an entire branch so I’ve started using electric tape to mend the break.  Basically I just line it up as best I can and then wrap the tape around fairly tightly. The tape is flexible enough to give a little as the branch heals and grows. 

I’ve done this a few times and so far all the repaired branches seem to be fine. No browning leaves and tips still producing.

If this branch survives I’ll post another pic when it’s time to remove the tape.

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shit wish i knew about this. We have a hurista that is split at the top and the top is def going to die eventually in its life. 

@pete2000  I've had this happen a number of times and sometimes it was just from a big wind that blew through.  It surprises me that I read they would make furniture out of of this stuff considering it is as soft as it is. So far it's my experience that the branch will not mend. That doesn't mean it's going to die but it's not going to heal. As long as there's enough pathways for water and nutrients  the branch can live.. So I would be cautious as to how tightly I wrap anything on it you could cut off its food supply. Usually you can avoid that by making the rap wide enough.