Winter harvest? Thoughts?

Is there a general consensus as far as harvesting the leaves before they fall in the Winter?  I always hate seeing them fall off at this time of year. So I started picking the ones that had yellowed or have yellow on them and easily came off the tree.  are these potentially weaker, stronger or no difference at all? How about harvesting while the tree is blooming?? I notice on the limbs that are blooming the leaves are much smaller.


I think it’s the best pick of the year. Especially considering you are still in flower. How is the leaf??

@will  I haven't tried it in this condition yet. I decided to dry it out and it's just about done

@roadkill I'd go for the older leaves since they've been on the tree longer, suckibg up sap with mitragynine alkaloids in it, and depositing the good stuff in the ripening leaves  as the water leaves through transpiration.  I'd await your tea tests with anticipation!

My 1st test was a bit disappointing. I  Normally do about 3 g. Basic toss and wash. I took 3 g and made a tea out of it because the grind on my leaf is coarser than what I get commercially.  It was rather weak so my next test I'll probably go to Maybe 4 g

this leaf is exactly what you want. This is mature leaf and will be the best leaf u have all year. 

@roadkill   There's a cold front coming by Thanksgiving day, so its time to "pick the winners". 

The older leaves, esp with red veining, should make some great tea! 

    Its also time to ready the old bed sheets for frost up in north Florida.

    Last year I lost all leaves on some as they went dormant for 3 months. 

 so its time to go for the autumn colors while they're pretty! And while they still have leaves and blooms too 

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@peteypyron Idk about you but i'm not looking forward to the branches turning into sticks. 

Yup it's that time of the year. My older trees have basically lost all their leaves the younger ones are still rather thick and robust

@roadkill At least I know that they will recover next spring. prolly.🤔

Started harvesting this morning. Pulled off 8 bags. How quickly do you think they will drop their leaf? It looks like i took 0 leaf. 

@peteypyro Nice are you still watering your trees? And those seed pods look great! They are getting plump! 

@guywithtrees yes  Ya seed pods are looking  Happy. Currently I'm still watering daily,  but planned on cutting back.  What's everybody else doing?