Winter Ruskin Florida

My poor babies are not enjoying the weather. We hit 49 a few nights ago. I did have them covered with an old school lightbulb on underneath. They are not happy. But they are still alive and the fresh leaves are amazingly strong. The plant all the way on the left as you can tell got the coldest of the group. The leaves are turning and some have brown spots but the new growth is really amazing. I am going to maybe prune is back a bit. Get rid of the spots. It's getting warm again.

@paulinruskin considering the cool temps they look great. Gonna be huge by the time summer comes. 

@paulinruskin Very nice photos.  They'll be fine. mine drop leaves and hibernate each year in Daytona. never lost one to cold yet. Nice job, Paul!!

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make sure they get water and you can help them by covering the tops with hay or mulch. they look good considering the weather outside! 

I water daily. How about feeding? How often? I use fish emulsion.

@paulinruskin I dont fertilise when in colder dormant season, although daytona is further north 🤔 As a rule, fertilise when actively growing. 

          Dormant in winter...

 and not dormant (4 months later)

  give them what they need. 

Black Kow is great.
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