My new Kalimantan!! I'm pretty excited about having a new tree. It came from Bounty Botanicals out of Arizona. Are any of you familiar with them?

Not familiar with them out of curiosity what did it cost you?  I'm not familiar with that Particular variety what can you tell me about it?

no never heard of them before. Nice looking cutting. 

Congrats! Looks a lot like the clones that I took from a West Kalimantan seedling. 

I think most of the Kratom exported to the US is this variety. Mostly red vein with some green, but all coming from Borneo. Great to see more people growing them here.

Do you know what the humidity is where your plant is sitting?  Might want to see if you can raise it a bit. They’re not fans of cold or dry air. 

@liam-anderson  Very nice looking clone. I got mine from a company in Arizona as well. That company was called my trees of life I believe And that was 3 years ago almost to the day And now they are 12' tall.  We look forward to your progress growing them huge

i just ordered a indo & hulu from them and im super excited. I'm in AZ too so it shouldn't take long to get them when they ship! How is your tree doing? Did you have a good experience with bounty?