Popping with new Kratom Seed Pods!
Great videos and happy tree. How cold are your winters there? Your tree is obviously too big to move indoors and I'm hoping that when mine get big that they can be left planted outdoors in northern Florida. What measures do you have to do in winter to keep it from dying? Will it only go dormant in winter? Sorry to ask all these questions, but inquiring minds want to know.😎
@peteypyro Winter isnt too bad for us. We have used different techniques to protect against winter. One thing we were doing is watering in winter more often. Big thing to note here is do not let the water touch the leaf of the tree only the roots. The water will sit on the leaf and get as cold as the air. The tree will kill off these leaves and drop them. The other thing you should do is look at the Ruth Stout method. Its also referred to as permaculture. Its where we placed hay along the base of the tree. You can push how cold your trees can get by doing this besides it being the best thing you can do for kratom in general. I highly recommend it. Also yes kratom trees go dormant during winter. Id recommend you check out our youtube playlists on "kratomthetree" as we have recorded, documented, and labeled a lot of this on the channel.
I love seeing these videos, ahh! You should try giving your trees jackets. Layer up in fleece or something, cover the branches maybe. Then plastic wrap so it doesnt soak. I bet you’d have some fine and cozy looking trees haha. I wonder if it would help anything.
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@guywithtrees are you in North, Central or South Florida? As our winter approaches I will definitely be checking out your YouTube channel and following you here closely as to you winter prep. I'm in Central Florida and I have a couple of bumblebees planted in the ground and some of my others are getting large enough that I should consider putting them in the ground to.
@roadkill if you're going to put your plants in the ground I'd recommend doing it sooner that later as this is a better season to start planting them.