The Indoor Grower's Supply List
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Please take this down or move it if it's in the wrong spot. Sourcing rules, etc.

About 95% of the list is on Amazon, except some of the lights. Not trying to endorse any particular brand or product. Some items were included for price comparison or brand variety. You should do your own research!

Grodan Rockwool cube, 200x 1in = 17$
Grodan Rockwool starter plug 98x 1.5in plus 15ml CLONEX = 23$
Grodan Macro Plug slit 50x = 13$
Deco2Pro LLC Rockwool Cube 40x 1.5in = 10$
Twin Canaries Rockwool cube 2 sheets x25 (50) 2in = 15$
Twin Canaries Rockwool cube 2 sheets x49 (98) 1.5in = 15$
StackyCubes 48x 1.5” = 10$
THC 200 cubes 1in? = 17$
Twin Canaries 200 cubes 1in? = 16$
Twin Canaries 50x 2” = 15$

EZ Cloner and King Cloner are popular. There are many styles, most are very expensive compared to homebrew hydro/aerocloners. Inverted shoebox/sweaterbox method is popular and cheap.

HORMONE (indole-3-butyric acid)
MiracleGro FastRoot dry powder rooting hormone, 0.1% IBA = 1.25oz/5$
GardenSafe TakeRoot rooting hormone powder, 0.1% IBA = 2oz/5$
HydroDynamics CLONEX Rooting Gel, 0.3% IBA = 100ml/18$, 1quart/96$
Technaflora Rootech Cloning Gel, 0.55% IBA = 2oz/18-25$
(Do not confuse CLONEX Rooting Gel with Clone Solution, a fertilizer with 1-0.4-1 = 1quart/20$)

RTI Extreme Gardening Azos bacteria 6oz = 26$
Xtreme Gardening RTI1351 Azos Nitrogen Fixing 12oz = 35$
XG Azos 12oz x 6 = 46$
XG Azos 8lb = 203-270$

MiracleGro All Purpose Plant Food, 24-8-16 = 5lb/10$
Lilly Miller Alaska Fish Fert, 5-1-1 = 1quart/10$, 1gal/25$
Pennington Alaska Dry Pellet Fish/Kelp Fert, 6-4-6 = 3lb/10$
GrowMore Seaweed Extract Foliar Spray = 1gal/23$

Root Naturally Azomite 2lb = 11$, 5lb = 14$, 10lb = 22$

Perlite 8qt = 12$
Hoffman Horticulture perlite 18q = 14$
Viagrow perlite 4 cu ft/120qt = 37$

Fox Farm Ocean Forest 12qt = 17$, 1.5cu ft = 37$, 2x1.5cu ft = 65$
Fox Farm Happy Frog (mycorrhizae) Soil 12qt = 19$, 2cu ft = 37-40$, 2x2cu ft = 64$
Fox Farm Happy Frog Fert Jumpstart w/mycor. 3-4-3, 4lb = 17$
Fox Farm Happy Frog All Purpose 5-5-5, 4lb =16$

Coco Bliss Premium Bricks 250g x 10 brick = 20$
Kempf Compressed coco fiber 10lb block = 14$
Viagrow VCCB5 11lb block = 16$
SpongEase Coir Block 5kg/11lb = 17-20$
Green Texan Organic Compressed Coir 11lb =17$
(Coir expands approx. 11lb to 18.7gal or 2.5 cu ft. )

Root Naturally Soil Moist 3lb = 23$
Miracle Gro Water Storing Crystal 3/4lb = 8$
Medium Water Absorbing Crystal polymer 3lb = 25$
Cricket Water Polymer Crystals 2-4mm large 1lb = 16$
Dirty Gardener Agritak Polyacrylamide granules 15lb = 67$
Roots Terra-Sorb Synthetic fine grade 10lb = 105$
Water absorbing crystal polymer 5lb = 33$

IPM - LadyBugs, etc,
Dyna-Gro Neem oil 100% = 8oz/10$
GardenSafe Neem Oil concentrate 70% = 16oz/10$
Bonide Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Brew, spinosad = 32oz premade/10$, 32oz concentrate/30$
NaturalGuard Spinosad Soap, 9% spinosad = 32oz/20$

Raid Fly Ribbon 10ct = 2$
Black Flag Fly Paper 4ct = 3$

Food Grade DiatomaceousEarth 10lb = 20$
Harris Diatomaceous Earth 5lb with duster tool = 17$

dWee 1/3/5/7/10gal 5ct fabric grow bag w/handles= 13$
Gardzen 2gal x 10ct fabric bag w/handles = 16$
F-Sport 3/5/7gal 6ct fabric bag w/handles = 17$

TopHort 24x24x48 = 53$
TopHort 48x48x80 = 99$
VivoSun 48x48x80 = 110$
TopoLite 24x24x48 = 49$
TopoGrow 2 in 1 48x36x72 (propagation 12x24x72 and veg/flower 36x36x72) = 140$
MelonFarm 48x48x80 = 90$

LIGHT (LED primarily)
Found this nice but complicated guide to lighting:

I was more concerned with hobby-grow, small scale indoor.
HLG 65 V2 4000k = 100$ (available on Amazon. Veg 2x2, flower 2x1)
HLG 100 V2 400k = 150$ (Amazon) (Veg 3x3, flower 2x2)
HLG 135 Quantum Board Kit = 160$ if you have electronics knowledge and confidence, Amazon
HLG 260 QB Kit = xxx$?
HLG 300 V2 = 509$

Some people say Viparspectra is low quality, but they are popular:
300W(130W actual draw) = 80$
450W(200W) = 120$
600W(260W) = 160$
1200W(520W) = 340$

From the guide:
KingBrite and Meijiu are vendors on Alibaba of similar high efficiency LED lights

Currently being tested:
GardenSafe TakeRoot rooting hormone powder, 0.1% IBA = 2oz/5$
MiracleGro All Purpose Plant Food, 24-8-16 = 5lb/10$
Lilly Miller Alaska Fish Fert, 5-1-1 = 1quart/10$, 1gal/25$
Dyna-Gro Neem oil 100% = 8oz/10$
dWee 1/3/5/7/10gal 5ct = 13$
TopHort 24x24x48 = 53$
HLG 65 V2 4000k = 100$ (available on Amazon. Veg 2x2, flower 2x1)

There are a number of very good and very bad lights for relatively little money and extraordinary amounts of money. Do your research wisely. I am very happy with the HLG 65, but I almost wish I got their HLG 100 and a 3ft/9sq ft tent. I am almost certain I will buy more of their lights in the future without considering any other option because I am so pleased.

Most of the tents are a mylar reflective material with nylon canvas backing. Some of the internal frames are plastic, the metal frames are supposedly more sturdy. Otherwise, most of the tents appear the same. I opted for a tent with a window instead of one without a window for about 5 dollars more. I mildly wish I had not gotten the window. Perhaps when my plants are taller I will be thankful! :)

I am doing and planning lots of experiments to learn more about the cultivation of this plant. I have a number of cuttings on the way and will try to experiment with seed germination in about a month. Always on the lookout for cheap supplies. Please let me know of anything you use, or would suggest to use. I am definitely interested in seeds and seed germination because it is so shrouded in mystery and failure. It is also the best way to increase genetic variation and counteract the issues with long term cloning. Mutants can be cool!

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I swear, I’m trying to write shorter posts. I don’t like being that one person who takes ages to scroll past... but there’s so much information to share! I’m working on a full grow guide for indoor kratom, but I need to work on my own plants’ grow logs so I have data to share. More cuttings on the way this week so i can document the rooting process, then seeds and germination info in about two months. It’s starting to get fleshed out. Thanks again for creating this app to discuss things so freely and for getting me my first cuttings :)


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