The Indoor Grower's Supply List
I swear, I’m trying to write shorter posts. I don’t like being that one person who takes ages to scroll past... but there’s so much information to share! I’m working on a full grow guide for indoor kratom, but I need to work on my own plants’ grow logs so I have data to share. More cuttings on the way this week so i can document the rooting process, then seeds and germination info in about two months. It’s starting to get fleshed out. Thanks again for creating this app to discuss things so freely and for getting me my first cuttings :)
@SubstanceTheSqid please don't stop doing what you're doing! You're doing a fantastic job putting at all your research into these posts!
I for one greatly appreciate your post they're so informative

bumping this as it's really well written. 

That is a pretty extensive list of supplies, some of those i would recommend a lot of them I would not, most of those are for professional indoor Growers and not needed for Kratom tree, if anyone asks I would love to give my opinion on products in this list or answer any questions,i have a lot of experience with micro garden and nurseries and alot of these products on this list,☺

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@guywithtrees it depends on the Growers needs, if someone is just trying to grow one plant that they bought they will not need most of this, if they are trying to start a nursery or perhaps grow plants to resell and have crops year after year then a lot of these things may be needed

@guywithtrees I wont BEAT around the bush, most of these products were created formulated perfectly for the Cannabis Growers for the cannabis plant, for 15 years I lived in Arcata California where Fox Farm and other manufacturers we're located that make these products in this list, canabis and kratom are extremely different, kratom is a tree,cannabis is a small tree bush that dies every year, consumers of these products are trying to grow a plant crop from seedling to harvest within 9 months at the most, a tree will have different feeding needs ,however if you are trying to grow a indoor crop all of these items can be used,i can go over the pros and cons IN MY OPINION of why to use or not use each product and maybe an alternative to each

Interesting discussion. I use Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil and their vegetative stage nutes (and other non FF cannabis products) on my Kratom plants while they’re in containers. Easily got over one foot per month growth. It’s too expensive to continue treating an 18’ tree like a cannabis plant, but I was quite happy with the result. Definitely would like to hear what different products or methods you recommend. 

Hey! I realize I made this list a while ago when I was propagating a large number of kratom cuttings. I intended it for indoor since winter was coming in a few months at that point. I had a scale infestation break out after a few months and basically spent a lot of time fighting that and expanding and exploring other plants and growing them indoors and stuff. I ended up saving a couple of the trees and getting rid of the rest, and I've recently taken some successful cuttings from those trees too! So, I agree with Urbanshaman, I wouldn't suggest these to the every day kratom grower but I was compiling potential resources and prices to compare products to tackle that big propagation project that kind of got dumped on me, and I thought I would share it.

The rockwool works well if you manage to aerate properly. I found that kratom would put out root nodules just in water though. I was overthinking the whole thing haha. It does best in aerocloners I think. It just loves moisture so much, but it needs lots of airflow too. There's so much to say about all the products... nowadays I just use fabric pots and spinosad when necessary. still using fish fertilizer but I also have a turtle tank and some fish tanks that I've been watering with... seems very effective, like aquaponic I guess.

I'm still in a small location that mostly indoors, so I've had to do some crazy bonsai tricks and I've ended up treating my kratom like many people might treat their cannabis. I've learned a lot along the way. Still have a couple trees and still taking cutting and hopefully soon getting a seed pod to do some germination experiments and learn even more about this wonderful tree :)

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Hey susbtance, I'm working on an informational sidebar for desktop and tablet users on KWD. This will make a great addition! Fabric pots sound like an awesome way to allow some airflow. I'll have to try this myself

@will said:

Hey susbtance, I'm working on an informational sidebar for desktop and tablet users on KWD. This will make a great addition! Fabric pots sound like an awesome way to allow some airflow. I'll have to try this myself

 I found that some fabric weed sheeting/weed blocker is great to use for making fabric pots. You can make them any size you need too. I'll have to put up a tutorial, I've been meaning to pot up some slow krat clones real soon, I could show off the fabric pots I've bought and the ones I've made.