Kratom picture
I tried my best to upload a photo but couldn't figure it out. Even when I got to a scream that had a button that said choose file to upload it wouldn't do anything when I push on that button ![i-rS2Zq2v-XL.jpg]( All my plants are really doing well at this time
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![Screenshot_20190723-111803.png]( Have you tried using this new button? @will added it a week or two ago to the message area.
I was able to edit your post by just downloading the picture from the link you sent me and then using that upload button. I'm using the Android app but it should be available on all platforms. Which platform are using to upload the photos?
![A6EB57DE-587C-49DE-9F5C-F9F8142E9589.jpeg]( Seems like the upload functions works!! I was eagerly awaiting this feature. Can’t wait to show off what i’ve got going on :)
Guywith trees ... I tried that button and it did nothing for me. Let me try it here in this reply.... I hit it, the button gets highlighted but then does absolutely nothing
I am on mobile on Safari accessing the app. Perhaps it does not work on desktops/nonmobile? ![946BFC90-2778-45C1-9AE4-91A1D3A6D463.png](
@roadkill hey roadkill. I'm thinking it's because you are running an older version of the app. Can you let me know if there is a pending update? Most updates for UI I can push out over the air but features like upload requires me to submit new builds to apple and google and then for the user to accept the update if automatic updates are disabled.
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They look great. What kind of chicken is that??