My experience with kratom.
Hello everyone I just downloaded the new app. I am a fairly new member of the fb KDG group. I first tried kratom about three years ago I was living in North Carolina. There were a couple shops there at the time one had some weighed out in cups to dose with and gave you some juice to toss and wash. I guess I should mention I use it for back pain. Toss and wash is not a good method for me. Then a kratom tea store open and they made their own teas. I tried it once and it helped the second time it didn’t help much. Now fast forward to about 6 months ago I’m in middle TN and a local shop stared carrying it. Capsule and powder form. My back was doing pretty good for the past couple years and hadn’t had to take anything for it. A year ago I starting having issues again worse than ever finally saw a neurosurgeon last fall L3-S1 all bulging spent November on mild opiates had my first epidural steroid dec 1 last year it worked good for about two months then the pain came back worse than ever. So again started on mild opiates everyday for the pain two more steroid shots that didn’t help at all and a myliogram and another test or two and now had minor spinal surgery a month ago. During the past six months o have used kratom numerous times in between my prescribed meds because first off they were weak and didn’t help a whole lot. And the kratom actually helped with some of the depression I’ve been in because of the pain and the meds I’ve been on. My back is slowly getting better some good days some bad days. Last week my neuro said he won’t give me any more pain meds I need to get off them. I do honestly expect some minor wd from them since I’ve been on them for a while but they haven’t been strong so I’m not too worried about that. I am glad to know I have he option of kratom for a while to help with the still existing pain and to try to calm any wd I do experience. And to have the availability to fairly easily get it if I am having a bad day and hurting. My rx will be gone later tonight or first thing in the morning depending on how the rest of my day goes. Glad to be apart of the group.
Wow thank you so much for sharing. Welcome to the Kratomwatchdog app! I'll make sure to add you to @RonS group so you can join in with everyone else from kdg.
Thanks. I’m still trying to figure out everything here. I’m honestly not the most tech savvy person but I’m ok with that.
@guywithtrees Thanks bud. I've had an extremely busy few days and just haven't had the time or energy to do much here. I do appreciate you helping out.
@RonS said in [My experience with kratom\.](/post/5647): > @guywithtrees > Thanks bud. I've had an extremely busy few days and just haven't had the time or energy to do much here. I do appreciate you helping out. Np @RonS that's what I'm here for :)
Hey man what a ride you are on. Can you keep me updated on what symptoms do you experience and how kratom is helping (or not). I'm glad to have you here!
Glad to be here. From what I see this is the place for me too. Welcome. I'm learning the ropes too. Much to learn.
Thank you for sharing. You are in the right place. Me too 😎
Thanks y’all. My pain meds ran out very early Wednesday morning. I’m glad they are gone but still wish I had some for my back pain. I did go out Wednesday afternoon and get some kratom. I had to go to a head shop locally they aren’t too bad price wise I haven’t been able to order online yet I’m still out of work and have been fighting for my short term disability which finally got approved but they still don’t have it right but that’s another story. I got a green Bali this time I usually use a red or horn. I barely slept Wednesday night or if o did it was very lucid I was dreaming but felt awake. I did however sleep good last night. Haven’t had too much in the form of withdrawal from my meds yet which I’m thankful about. The biggest thing is my pain. While it has gotten some better it’s still there. This strain doesn’t seem to be as good as the ones I usually use.