Baby cuttings sprouting Kratom Seed Pods
These pictures were taken by a customer of ours that had gotten cuttings from our nursery. ![IMG_6820.jpg]( ![IMG_6819.jpg]( This is the tree her cuttings came off of. It is a 10 year old fully mature flowering Kratom tree that has been flowering for a entire year. Since June 2018- present. ![00000IMG_00000_BURST20190107165104827_COVER.jpg]( Here is what she had to say. Hey! Look at these progress pictures! Its been about 2ish months. The fish emulsion + my grow lights really worked wonders on the plant. I think 3 seed pods are growing on the plant. What should I do with those? I have T5 Agrobrite lights that I turn on about every other day. I try to turn them on every day but I tend to forget. The lights are on for about 8 hours or so (8 am-4pm) and then I turn the lights off and because it will get the nice sunset in the evening (I have a NW facing porch). Since the plant has been outside, it has been getting the natural Orlando humidity which has been at about 85-90%. I feed the plant ever 10 days or so.
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How do you get a seed POD at such an early stage? I was under the impression it had to be mature
The cutting appears to be from a mature plant, it probably had a seed pod just beginning under the mitre (the leaf nodes) when it was cut and shipped. Popped out when rooted i imagine. if the proper lighting is maintained, i would not be surprised if it goes to seed if there’s another flower. I read flowering photoperiod for kratom is 13/11. Not sure who owns that cutting, but get a timer for those lights and get it on a schedule! Could potentially have a viable seed pod! I have my tented plants under an HLG 65 LED light, a bit higher intensity and wattage, a very nice light overall i am happy with. The t5’s should be sufficient, but more light helps, as flowering is energetically expensive. Fascinating case study here. Looks like there are three pods, this person could definitely cross pollinate the flowers and get seeds!!! Good luck! Edit: (full disclosure, hlg 65 is 100$, and half decent electronic outlet timers are anywhere from 5-15$ for the fancy multisetting ones.
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@SubstanceTheSqid Hey, I am the owner of the cutting. The plant has grown 3x or more in size since I first got it. I feel like the seed pods came out of nowhere! Here are some pictures: 06/16 This is the day I received the cutting ![0.jpg]( 06/24 This is after I began to fertilize ![IMG_5578.jpg]( 07/13 ![july13(1).jpg]( 08/03 when I first noticed the first seed pod ![aug 3.jpg]( 08/09 This is it now ![IMG_6908 (1).jpg]( 08/09 New sprout next to the first seed pod. Wondering if that's a leaf or another seed pod. ![IMG_6917.jpg](