Kratom seed pod viability success

Sent a friend of mine some of my kratom seed pods. He said he's getting 50% viability from 6 month old kratom seed pods. These seed pods came from fully mature American kratom trees. He said he just followed my instructions

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Update photo 3 weeks later

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That is by far the largest amount of sprouts we have seen! We will be sending this fine gentleman handfuls of seed to sprout on our behalf. Great work!
Very cool I'm sitting pretty close to three months now and I still don't have a sprout
Holy! Absolutely beautiful, looks like they are outside?
We should make a list of questions on this thread and get his input! I'll start with.. How long till he first seen sprouts Is he watering daily Lightning conditions How many pods was he working with
Sprouts were surprisingly quick, maybe 3-5 days. No additional watering done yet, they currently have a reservoir. Under shaded - mostly shaded conditions. I don't know how many pods were used.
@atlasreptiles are you using any lights or just all outdoor?
Outside. Just natural filtered/indirect sunlight. You'll be happy to know I potted up my hirsuta today ;)
@atlasreptiles that is bad ass!!!! I'm glad to hear you got it repotted. If your going to do the others id recommend something with wheels. They are only going to get heavier the bigger they get. Did you get any video of it?? Also, Did you cover any of the seedlings with plastic wrap or were they exposed to the elements?
No video. I'll have to get one of those special nursery carts if I go any bigger. Some will be graduating pots soon and others in the ground. The little guys are completely covered for now. I'll probably plan to open it more over time in theory that a little wind/ rain would help "strengthen" them. A plant swim grew long ago would always pop right up and then fall over. Speciosa looks like it could potentially have the same "spindliness" issue. Time will tell. I'm just barely a plant guy so I still have lots of just theories lol.
Bummer, I have that video we did of the cutting scheduled to go out. Would have loved to get the repotting on film. I plan on putting the brother of your tree in the next week or 2. I want to make sure it gets in rainy season. Definitely throw that up in the playlist. Mitragyna Hirsuta:
@atlasreptiles I would be careful with heavy rain or watering. Keep it moist but don't dump water as this might push the seeds further into the soil. But I guess once they sprout you don't have to worry about it too much. Just the ones that haven't sprouted yet. I don't doubt you get some more sprouts. Like this was way too much hard for what we were doing
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This is a fascinating thread! Cant wait to hear more about and get my hands on hirsuta. I like tiny hand pump misters to get seeds and soil surface wet. It makes it easier to follow up with a small watering can.


Here's about what 3 week growth difference from when these were posted. Definitely great looking seedlings!!
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