Some pics of my baby
![11C289AE-01B4-417E-A34C-4ECBCCE2B099.jpeg]( ![2708845E-5127-4EFC-BF9C-FBA71A479BFE.jpeg]( Couple of pics. One from mid July when I first received my cutting, and another from last week. They grow fast!!!
Lovely! What strain is that plant? What zone are you growing it under?
I was told it’s a rifat. Got it from a gentleman up in the panhandle who said the mother was about 4 years old. I’m in north broward county, 10b.
You couldn't be in a better place to grow kratom. That's for sure. I have a handful of trees that have been in ground for 5 years now. 😄
I’ve seen your videos on reddit and YouTube. Looks like you have an awesome farm.
Looking good, pete2000. I'm trying my hand growing in zone 9b. I've hard that Florida is very suitable to grow. Best success to you.
I bet this would take off if you put it in the ground.
It grew that big in 2 months?if so I'm doing something terribly wrong!
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I’m about to move her to a 7 gallon fabric pot, and probably in the ground after that. My only hesitation is that I plan on downsizing and selling the house in a few years. I guess if I leave the tree I can always take some clones.
Not sure how to reply to an individual comment. @adamk222 , what are you using for soil and fertilizer? I’m using Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil and perlite, about 3:1. Then just water PH’ed to 6-6.5 for the first few weeks. Been gradually introducing Fox Farms Grow Big and Big Bloom liquid fertilizers about twice a week. Seems to be doing the trick. But those damn aphids are pain.
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@pete2000 if you type the "@" symbol before their name it will populate the user
@guywithtrees, I did some years back. Even had a little ladybug house. My kids loved them, but they only stuck around for a week or so. I’ve been using a little neem oil under the leaves once a week which is helping.
That's a shame! I like having lady bugs around.
@pete2000 I used Kellogg all natural organic plus potting mix and have been fertilizing with alaska fish fertilizer.I have no idea what the ph is I had a ph tester but it has disappeared and more than likely one of my kids thought it looked cool and is probably lost in the woods with alot of my other tools!I live in zone 7b and Google says it gets down to 5°f-10°f and I know that's bullshit in the 40+ years I've lived un Georgia it's never gonna that low but it has snowed a few times so I know I cant put them in the ground.i dont have aphids but I do have fungus flies and the neem I use doesn't even effect them so I have nematodes on the way to kill their larvae and I'm using diatomaceous earth to kill the adults.

@pete2000 I finally got the fox farms grow big do you use the 2 to 3 tsp per gallon or the 4 tsp per gallon heavy feeding?sorry for all the questions.

@adamk222 I’m using 2 tsp, 2 to 3 times a week. Also add a tablespoon of big bloom at same time.  Just put her in a bigger pot with fresh soil and will start slowly adding an extra tsp in a few weeks. 

I would suggest starting low and gradually increasing depending on how she looks. Good luck!