Mommy picking kratom for Daddy

My father has been living with a bad back pretty well since he broke his neck at age 18. I have been insisting on him trying kratom for almost a decade. Finally here is my mom picking leaves for him to brew a nice tea. Pain management is getting more and more difficult as it is already difficult on the body and liver. He couldn't move without some form of relief. I am very relieved to have him open his mind to more methods of management. He still very much needs surgery, but thankful for a plant that helps him have a better every day💕 Does anyone else use this beautiful plant to manage their pain without fear of damaging your liver?

this is from a friend on FB replying to the post

I have been on every pain killer out there after terribly failed back surgeries. Took myself off 100mcg fentanyl patches on 7/31/2019. Kratom managed my pain better than anything I have been given. Tell your daddy he will not be sorry! ❤️🙏

Yes!  Had been treating my lower back disc issues for many years with daily naproxen along with an occasional muscle relaxer/tramadol. It did allow me to do what I needed to do without suffering too much, but it’s hard on the stomach and liver. 

First tried kratom almost two years ago and now seldom need to take anything else. Went from 2-4 aleve every day to maybe a couple every few weeks. It’s really an amazing plant.

@pete2000 I am glad you found Kratom, thank you for sharing! My father is very skeptical so having people in the same boat as him really helps his mind open up to this very effective alternative! He works in irrigation so the constant body strain is deteriorating him. The pain he experiences is so intense that he thinks nothing can help it other than what he is prescribed. Although with each day that passes, he becomes more and more open to try to manage his pain naturally. We need to share these stories and experiences. It not only helps other, but also helps people realize that this is indeed a very special and very important plant. And that it needs to be available for all who can benefit from it. No one should have to choose between living in pain and destroying one's only body.

Hope your dad is feeling much better!