well we got taken down on venm

What is wrong with these people/companies?

@patrickc lmao it's all of them. It's a gov program called operation choke point. They can't make the products illegal but they can make it as hard as possible to facilitate trade. Which is exactly the intent. if we can't sell our products we can't make money if we can't make money we can't stay in business.

I'm not familiar with that site, I'm assuming it has to do with financial processing. And people wonder why Bitcoin is getting so popular

@roadkill it's one of the most popular cash apps. It was made by PayPal. Which we were shut down on about 2 years ago.


Do you ask customers not to put anything in the notes field? Maybe something in the notes tipped Venmo off. 

@pete2000 who knows. We tell people but sometimes they def do not listen. Really sucks that this keeps happening. 

People need to put codes in the memo box. I learned my lesson. I goofed one time

you gotta love the ending they closed with...

" This email is provided as a service from Vemno. "  

Mama effin service my arse!

@patrickc said:

<p>People need to put codes in the memo box. I learned my lesson. I goofed one time</p>


on PayPal I have to use the 'friends & family' option. cant speak the forbidden  K-word ...  I call it botanical profiling. I demand my 1st amendment rights!! I will post and speak freely. Venmo can shove this up their arse (or ass)................

@robert194622 welcome to the joys of being a Kratom vendor in america. 

Scary Larry. People too often will put K*Tom in the notes as you can't leave it blank. If anyone orders this plant from anyone with PP or VM please refer to it as Incense or Tea and tell others about this problem too. Losing PP, VM, & other banking apps is akin to losing a job or client. Absolutely brutal.

yea fk venmo/paypal i still have 25$ on there from years ago lost account info could never transfer it,google pay is free,but ultimately whatever people use is what ya got to use to get there money so yea,get rid of option to get paid get rid of you


I gotta agree with you about the “service “. ... it would almost be laughable if it wasn’t so infuriating!  I hope someone provides a similar “service “ to them someday !