New grower

Hey guys my names Nolan. I live in Ventura county in Southern California and I have been using Kratom for about 4 years now to treat chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and other health issues I have. I literally just downloaded this app after seeing it on Kratom the Trees YouTube channel and I really think it’s amazing to have a community like this for Kratom. I want to grow my own plants and any help/resources anyone can give would be much appreciated! If anyone’s down to trade seeds or starts I have Cannabis as well as tons of other vegetable, herb and flowers and other plant seeds that id be down to trade. If any of you guys have any links to info about growing too that you just think would be useful please let me know as well! I hope you all have a  beautiful day, I’m happy to be here. 

WELCOME NOLAN!!! This is Walter from the Kratom the Tree YouTube channel! Welcome to the app!!!!! You came to the right spot! We are organizing all the information but there are tons of growers documentation on here and we have been working on uploading over 200,000 photos and videos on to the app from over 11 years. Do you have any pics of your babies? I'd love to see them! As far as trading we ask they are done in pms. But if you vend feel free to promote on here. We allow vendors to post once a week on the main feed or unlimited in their own group.

@happypanda96 welcome!  

Sounds like you already have quite a bit of experience growing. I’m a big fan of using the same techniques as cannabis growers for my container Kratom plants. Good soil like Fox Farms Ocean Forest, fabric containers, nutrients tailored for vegetative growth, pH water and nutes to 5.5-6.0, mycorrhizae,  etc.

There are lots of great posts discussing all aspects of Kratom cultivation. Might take a bit of searching but it’s well worth it. If you have any specific questions feel free to ask, lot of experienced growers here.