New to this site
New to site but not to kratom love this plant and to be honest I've not met one person so far that takes kratom that I dont like ,the power of a natural plant.
Welcome to the app. Lots of great people here who also love kratom, and growing it too. Reading the archives is great too. Join in the party.

Hi everyone, I'm Mike, and new to this site and relatively new to Kratom. It's an amazing plant. And it's helped me. I joined this site to meet others like me, and also to learn more about Kratom. I'm sure a lot of you could be very informative on things I haven't learned yet

@h2448 welcome to the #kratomapp. I have put up around 300 videos on to the Kratom app if you go to the video section and I'm slowly trying to upload my photos I have about 200,000 photos I'm going to be adding to the app as well as we're adding very factual documentation to our Kratom Bible section. also I'd recommend you check out the leaf of Life competition that's pending on Friday as you can still enter to win

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