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Thanks for posting this. I didn't see any politicians that represent me who need straightening out. If I did, I'd be writing them. 

  There are 2 cannabis referenda here that I support and signed both positions for. Is important to stay on our representatives' butts,  to encourage them to represent us.

   Stand up, and act up, if needed. 

🎄Go Kratom.... Grow Kratom! 🎄

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what would you guys think about being able to email your legislator or the legislature for States by tagging them in the app with an @ such as @guywithtrees, @PaulKemp or an entire group of them at one time.

This would automate the email process, and can be used to thank our proponents and encourage them to continue their direction quickly and easily.

Of course we would need trusted volunteers to approve the submissions.

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Yes, it would be great to easily respond thru this app! BTW, the list above does not have one of my Oregon Senators, Jeff Merkley mentioned. Also, I didn't notice if Mick Mulvaney, Trump's current Chief of Staff, is mentioned. Mulvaney also signed one of the petitions to Obama's DEA in 2016 and he's in a good position to alert Trump to the importance of this issue (and a way to win a few million votes!).

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@PaulKemp That is great! Politicians are indeed interested in votes,  from their registered concerned constituents. Very popular issues that are very visible and heavily supported do get their attention. 

  That is certainly true here in Florida, where there are several popular cannabis state amendments on the 2020 voting agenda. Everyone ought to consider being registered to vote, if not already, as their representatives in government do pay attention to popular causes.

  Anything to make the process of petitioning our representatives easier is a great idea. Sometimes is just too much effort for some to search out petitions to sign, or look up our representative's mailing address, which is sad. Anything that makes this easier is great. 

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This is what we will be looking at folks! PM's are emailed directly to the reps. Guywithtrees and I will be working on getting their legislative body group info populated and filling in their bios. 

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